Hi Brokers:  

We welcome incoming Brokers.  We are a Nationwide Group of like minded Brokers sharing our Clients thru simple agreement.  We are not joined by business or corporate ties.  We are joined thru how we see real estate.  We wish to offer a fair service for a fair fee and acquire a significant volume of clients.

Brokers participating with Three Percent List will make significantly less commission thru each transaction than receiving six percent.  Every transaction varies with it's commission, that is real estate.  Our Clients appreciate what we do for them and they refer us, again and again.  And, of course, New Clients come in from Three Percent List.

 VOLUME is key.  VOLUME creates a steady stream of sales.  Steady income keeps you comfortable.  and of course, your current business continues forward.  Three Percent List is your additional income stream.  Will it be your big stream or your little stream?  Who knows?  But it does not cost you, so why not?

No Start Up fees.  No Origination fees.  No Maintenance fees.  Just a comfortable referral relationship.  

Please see the Programs and then see contact form below.  I would love to discuss working with you.